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Resident Reviews

80 Main Apartments love our residents and value their feedback living in our luxury apartment building. See what they have to say about our floorplans, amenities, and location below, or view the reviews on Google


Jenny Block

These apartments are in such an awesome location, Pioneer Square has a ton of amazing restaurants, wine bars, and coffee shops – I’m surprised I haven’t gained more weight!! Plus so many art galleries and cute little shops – definitely check out the Art Walk in the square each month. The access from here is pretty unbeatable with the Streetcar right out front, an easy walk to any bus stop, and the ferries (which is a HUGE plus because trying to get a car on the ferries can be a total nightmare). Can’t say enough good things about this place!



This place was really nice. The apartment I stayed in was very clean and full of utilities. The kitchen was new and had some dishes. The room was big and comfortable and the bathroom was spacious and simple. Yeah the apartment didn’t have a view but it didn’t really matter. The place was quiet and you didn’t hear other people make noise. It’s also very secure !! The mangers seemed very nice they even helped us with turning on the fire at the rooftop. The rooftop was beautiful and was very relaxing and you had a great view of Seattle. if I could live here I would !!


michael m

the location is excellent.  Pioneer Square has it all going on right now.  it even seems to have less of the street life issues than most other areas of Seattle now.  The building is awesome with a great roof deck with firepit and BBQs that are all kept in nice condition.  There were some issues a few months ago but the new management has taken care of everything.


dk pan

I just moved in and love this place… the rooftop views and location, the cleanliness and amenities all make this building worth it and then some. Looking forward to making 80 Main my home!



80 Main Apartments is a small, boutique apartment building located in the heart of Pioneer Square. It currently is managed by a couple who lives on-site.

Apartment quality: None of the apartments are furnished. Reviewers who speak to furnished apartments confuse this with serviced apartments. Generally the apartments are functional, with the latest in decent quality appliances. Paint is thin on the walls, and fixtures all have custom items, such as light bulbs which must be ordered and specially installed.

Service apartments share the building: At least half of the apartments in 80 Main are leased to a service apartment building that advertises on many hotel websites. Guests in these apartments will receive the same keyfob as you, the resident, and will be able to access the mail room, mezzanine, and rooftop lounge. Guests have been known to be destructive, and to leave rubbish on the rooftop lounge. In one case, guests turned on the rooftop fire, then left it running because they could not figure out how to turn it off, and did not notify anyone about the issue.

Mail security issues: Residents have lost packages or experienced destroyed packages, and witnesses have seen these guests appear to inspect the mailroom. Finally, not all services will deliver to the Parcel Pending lockers — including Amazon at times.

Homelessness issues: 80 Main is one building away from the Headquarters of Real Change newspaper, meaning you benefit from the good actors of their sales team who want to keep the area friendly to the homeless. It is also across the street from a mission, and people generally are good actors as well for the same reason.

Noise issues: If you have an apartment ending in 1, 2, or 3, then you will be on what the management will call the “noisy” side of the building, meaning that it faces the alley. At night you’ll be able to hear musical performances from the Central Saloon — even on the 7th floor. You’ll also hear altercations in the alley. If you have an apartment ending in 4, 5, 6, or 7, then you will be on the “street” side of the building and soon have to deal with the Viaduct destruction and pedestrian roadway construction noises.

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